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Any questions you have, either as an existing Densura member or if you are thinking of joining, our dedicated team are there to offer help and advice.


We are not a nine to five operation, we work when our clients need us so feel free to call anytime. We do sleep, sometimes, so if you call between 20.00 and 08.00 please leave a message and we will be back to you first thing.


Meet the Densura team

Looking for a quote or thinking about switching? Get in touch with Ewan, Matthew or Paul.

The Development Team

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Ewan Johnson

Business Development


07918 953403


Matthew Senior

Business Development


07825 342860


Paul Leahy

Business Development


07721 160133

Flora, Jenny and Brenda work with the leading dental indemnity law firms and Barristers Chambers to ensure that, if needed, you are represented by the best. 

Our in-house legal team


Dr Julian Perry



Dr Paul Lambden

Our dental advisors

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Julie-Ann Conway

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Sheila D'Souza

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Paul Cole

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India Beason

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Shivani Patel

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Denise Tulip

Our in-house team are on hand when you need them for support with any queries or questions about your Densura membership.

Our in-house support team

The Problem Solvers

Back in 2013, when DDO fees were rising and a viable alternative was called for, Kevin and Tom worked with Dr Julian Perry and Dr Paul Lambden, then at Oasis, now Bupa, to put together a solution. Densura was born and today they are proud of what has been built and eager to help if needed. Tom has specialised in medical indemnity for 15 years, Kevin has been a broker for twice as long. They probably have the answers.

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Kevin Culliney

Senior Partner



Tom Hester

Senior Vice President